Awards & Recognition

LAW Publications is introducing its "Community Engagement Awards" to recognize the creative work our partners are doing to connect with their communities and make them safer places to live.

Award Categories

Department of the Year

Nominate your department, or a department you know, that does an exceptional job of connecting with its community. These departments will utilize opportunities such as community events, public appearances, and other tools to find unique and effective ways to connect their work to the needs of their community.


Community Event of the Year

Nominate an event in your town, one your department hosts, or one you know of that uniquely allows officers to interact with and educate their community.


Community Sponsor of the Year

Our programs are supported by local businesses. This award is to recognize a company that helps their local department by supporting their community engagement initiatives.


How to Nominate a Partner

To ensure that we find the best winners, we are seeking nominations for our top 3 awards.

Winners will receive:

A wall plaque to display in their office highlighting their accomplishment.
A digital award to share on their social media platforms.
Recognition on the LAW Publications website and social feeds.
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