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Work in a rewarding environment, impacting communities and individuals in a positive way.

LAW Publications merges the stability of a company that has been in business for more than 40 years with a fresh growth mindset, taking the company into the future. Our values reflect our belief that there is no more important decision than who is on our team.

Come find us at 15000 East Beltwood Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001

At LAW, we are looking for people who reflect our core values:

  • Ownership of our responsibility, identifying problems and developing effective solutions

  • Honesty, especially to ourselves

  • Focus on outcomes, not output

  • Building a collaborative and positive team environment

  • Pursuing improvement of company and self

  • Showing grit in everything we do

Employee Testimonials

When I accepted my position to represent LAW Publications I really thought this was going to be a temporary position. After 16 years with LAW, I can’t tell you the number of departments and sponsors that have told me they truly appreciate what we do for them and the community.

I am honored to represent a company that has provided such valuable information to communities for the past 45 years.

- Keith May

I have been working at LAW Publications for the past four years. My background is diverse--from banking, then managing a large sales territory, as well as founding a bio-medical venture. Nothing has been as rewarding as my time with LAW Publications. We get to travel to communities throughout our assigned areas, seek out the "pillars" (the very best people) in these communities, and work with them to actually make a difference there. We help give the law enforcement agencies the tools they need to inform and educate the folks they serve, creating goodwill, and assisting all-from kindergarten to senior citizen groups. The financial opportunities are excellent--a real "win-win" job!

- Kyle Shanks


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