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For over 45 years, we’ve worked to help law enforcement agencies to save them time, money, and resources to become educational leaders in their communities.

We’ve partnered with over 17,000 communities in 48 states to meet their operational goals, so we understand the challenges in finding, vetting, and sourcing this material.

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As part of our partnership, we will work with you to build distributions plans and strategies to ensure that your community outreach program is reaching its max potential.

Speak with one of our Public Relations Representatives.
A qualified sales representative will travel to your community.
Once the project has been completed, our design team will be in touch to provide proofs of your materials prior to print.
Your custom materials will be printed, stitched, and shipped to you from our home office. 100% FREE of charge.
Custom certificates will be provided to you to distribute to your businesses .
Our Client Success team will stay in touch with you to provide you with any additional material you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my publications?

Our goal at LAW publications is to ship every community’s publications in a timely manner. Typically, the educational journals ship within 2-3 weeks of the business owners approving their sponsorships for the publications.

How can I distribute my material?

Law enforcement agencies across the country distribute these publications in many different ways. Some suggested distribution venues are programs with the elderly, fairs and events within the community, hospitals and doctors offices, and more.

What if I need additional products for my community?

Our goal at LAW Publications is for your law enforcement officers to be working with your community by educating and interacting with them instead of worrying about your budget. Our client services team will stay in touch with you throughout the year and are available for you to reach out to about any additional material.

Can I choose what material I will receive?

Absolutely. There is no limit to the effect these journals can have on your community. Start with your initial shipment, just contact us as you need more materials.

Our Best Sellers

Any Time, Any Place: Active Shooter Situations

Recent national tragedies remind us that the risk of an active shooter is real, and can happen at any time in any place. Individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation. Taking a few steps now to prepare can help you react quickly when every second counts.

When Disaster Strikes: A Guide to Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Designed for Emergency Management education whether it is for Junior High, High School or Adult Classes. Teaches how to protect and prepare for natural, accidental and man-made disasters. Now updated subjects such as pandemics, civil unrest, and terrorism.

Let's All Work To Fight Drug Abuse (English or Spanish Versions)

This journal educates adults, teens and tweens on alcohol and other substance abuse. Included are articles on peer pressure, talking to your teen, driving under the influence and the stages of addiction.

Safe and Secure: Your Identity, Your Money, Your Personal Safety

This book is about preventing theft—theft of your money and theft of your identity. It’s also about protecting your online identity from abuse. Learning about the myriad threats to your financial, personal, and online well-being is the most powerful way to protect yourself.

Educational Flyers

Our suite of flyers cover various topics such as personal safety, mental health, sexting, and more! Providing bite size pieces of important information, these flyers are made for easy distribution.

And More!

We believe in the power of education and our original literature covers a wide range of today’s topics, from drug abuse to active shooter situations. With varying formats from informational publications to flyers to coloring books, we can provide a custom package to best fit your agency's needs.

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