Acushnet Police Department

This publication is proudly 100% sponsored by local Acushing businesses.

At LAW Publications, we know that education makes a difference.

For over 40 years we’ve been partnering with law enforcement agencies to help them educate their communities. Our original literature covers a wide range of today’s most pressing issues, from preventing drug abuse to responding to an active shooter situation to bullying, and speaks to all ages, from 4-year-olds to parents and even grandparents. We are honored to continue this work in our partnership with the Acushnet Police Department.

Chief Michael G. Alves knows how important it is to educate the community on these critical issues, which is why we’re proud to make our publications available to the Acushnet Police Department at no charge. This is made possible through 100% local sponsorship. Please find these sponsors in the publication to the right. We are all thankful for their generous support. 

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