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We believe in the power of education. For over 40 years, LAW Publications has worked closely with law enforcement and first responder agencies to provide quality outreach materials to communities and schools. We thank you for joining this collaboration!

Your generosity will receive recognition in the book your local law enforcement agency has identified as the spearhead of their campaign.


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1/8th-page-size recognition as well as a thank you packet with a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the book.


A 1/2-page-size recognition, in color with a customizable message and/or art, as well as the thank you packet, a certificate of appreciation, and a copy of book.

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"They have been a tool for us to provide the training and education to both parents and kids (and grandparents). The educational material we got from them that we distribute—to try to put together that information and be accurate and educational and enlightening, it would be very difficult for us. It would be a full-time job for us to look up this stuff, put it together, put it in a format that can be used. [The material] is very useful. I go through it myself, and very rarely do I not learn something from it."


"As with most law enforcement facilities around the country, lack of funding is always an issue. Because of LAW Publications, our office was able to obtain much-needed educational material that we will share with the community. The material [is] geared towards specific topics that we have had a hard time finding from other vendors. Everything they have sent us has been useful. [Our representative] Lorena is awesome–she calls often to keep us updated on any new products and what works best for us. Everything they send us, we use."


LAW Publications stands for Let’s All Work together–a credo of collaboration that has defined our mission since day one.

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