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  • For over 40 years we’ve been partnering with law enforcement agencies to help them educate their communities. Our original literature covers a wide range of today’s most pressing issues, from how to stop drug abuse to what to do in an active shooter situation to bullying, and speaks to all ages, from 4-year-olds to parents and even grandparents. We are proud to partner with the <Department Name>.
    <Chief> knows how important it is to educate the community on these critical issues. So, we have partnered to make our publications available to you at no charge. These efforts are made possible at no cost to the <Department Name> with 100% local sponsorship. You can find these sponsors in the publication below, and everyone is thankful for their generous support. 

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • One of the most significant, actionable ways to build and maintain your community’s trust is through education and outreach.

  • Education empowers learners.

  • Targeted outreach engages citizens on the issues that matter to them.

  • Engaging with the community in an outreach setting facilitates productive dialogue.


  • We understand that maintaining your reputation is mission-critical. We’ve partnered with over 17,000 communities in 48 states to meet their operational/mission goals, so we understand the challenges in finding, vetting, and sourcing this material.

  • Our exacting standards ensure our content represents all best practices.

  • We pride ourselves on quality research, writing, and design that engages readers and makes an impression.

  • Our ability to deliver the best content for you is made possible by local supporters in the small business community.

  • We engage local business leaders, enabling their support of a product and a mission they can be proud to put their names on.

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how it works


You determine LAW Publications is the right partner for your department


You sign a partnership letter


You select the publications that fit your current operational goals


A LAW Publications sponsorship representative takes your signed letter of partnership to local businesses to secure sponsoring ads


The selected publications are shipped to your department, completely free of charge

Partner Testimonials


"Active Shooter situations are a big concern right now, and we have a deputy going to some schools and [teaching preparedness sessions. This book] tied hand in hand with what we’re already working towards. It’s a good way to tie everything together with what that deputy is doing out there in the community. If you have those tools in your toolbelt, it makes you better able to recognize [threats]. Very good material.

Lexie Dillard
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
North Platte

chief miller3.jpg

"I know there are different magazines, but they don't have the gamut that [LAW Publications] does. That's what we need: the variety. We don't have just one problem, we have 12, and [LAW Publications] has stuff that goes along with that. We use LAW Publications every time we do a program. It reinforces what we're sharing."

Chief Dana Miller
Valentine Police Department

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