With 280 items on the Nebraska LEO Description of Essential Tasks, we know you have your hands full.

We’d be honored to help with this one thing.

  • One of the most significant, actionable ways to build and maintain your community’s trust is through education and outreach.

  • Targeted outreach engages citizens on the issues that matter to them.

  • We understand that maintaining your reputation is mission-critical. We’ve partnered with over 17,000 communities in 48 states to meet their operational/mission goals, so we understand the challenges in finding, vetting, and sourcing this material.

  • We engage local business leaders with a product and a mission they can be proud to put their names on. Their support enables us to provide this material to Nebraska law enforcement 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

We’re here to help you help your community. Get started today!

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Chief Dana Miller
Valentine Police Department

"We don't have just one problem, we have 12, and [LAW Publications] has stuff that goes along with that. We use LAW Publications every time we do a program. It reinforces what we're sharing."


Lexie Dillard
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
North Platte

"Active Shooter situations are a big concern right now, and…this book is a good way to tie everything together with what that deputy is doing out there in the community. If you have those tools in your toolbelt, it makes you better able to recognize [threats]. Very good material.

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