3 Ways to Earn Recognition for "Excellence in Community Engagement"

October 13, 2022

"Excellence in Community Engagement" Nomination Guide:

LAW Publications is continuing to shine a positive light on the unique and creative work of our partner departments from around the country with the “Excellence in Community Engagement” recognition awards.

Check out our guide below to determine whether your department fits these attributes. Sound like your department? Submit your nomination at the bottom of the page.

Community Engagement in Action

Law enforcement agencies demonstrate their commitment to community engagement with robust action and events. Having a well-rounded calendar of community events, a wide blend of community focused departments or initiatives, and a long-standing history of engagement help applicants stand out as living out their commitment to connecting with their community.

See how Mooresville PD embodies "Community Engagement in Action"

Uniquely Creative Community Events

Community events are one of the core aspects many departments include in their engagement programs. Many departments incorporate popular types of events like “Coffee with a Cop” and others. However, many of our partners have found creative twists on these established events or created unique events altogether. Evolving with the needs of your community includes updating your events and programs, and we are looking for the departments that are finding new ways to meet those needs.

Mt. Vernon PD's PAK United program is an example of a unique way to connect with your community.

Encouraging Collaboration

“Let’s All Work” means collaborating to help communities. Many of our partners not only work in their own community but also provide support for their surrounding communities and bring together other departments. Finding ways to bring great ideas to other departments is a way to earn recognition.

Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office and their Law Enforcement Expo for a great example of collaboration and creativity.

Sound like your department or one you know? Click here to submit a nomination.

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