Expert Picks: Lorena Goodman's Recommendations for Launching Your 2023 Community Engagement Program

January 24, 2023

Meet Lorena. Lorena Goodman is the head of the Public Relations team here at LAW Publications. Growing up in a family of civil service servants, she has spent nearly 40  years working with local law enforcement agencies to build stronger community engagement. She is passionate about promoting positive interactions between law enforcement and community members starting at a young age. 

“I firmly believe that any interaction between law enforcement and youth can only bring about positive change.”

Based on her experience working with departments from across the country, she recommends:

Coloring Book: "Out and About with Officer Stevens"

“Out and About with Officer Stevens” is a coloring book that teaches children what law enforcement officers do within their agencies to keep their communities safe. Recommended for children ages 4-12, this book is a favorite of Lorena’s.

Because of the need for children to find good role models who can guide them to make the right decisions, Lorena presents “Officer Stevens” as the perfect tool to create a positive and lasting impression on young community members and dispel myths about the role of law enforcement.

This book is an especially effective tool to use when engaging with students in a school setting, such as giving a presentation to a class. 

Publication: "Your Life, Your Choices"

Recommended for ages 12-18, “Your Life, Your Choices” is the perfect material to encourage teenagers to make the right decisions.

Lorena is a fan of this book because of its interactive nature, posing hypothetical scenarios that allow readers to work through the different options and their consequences.

By highlighting the consequences of common scenarios among this age group, such as bullying or underage drinking, this book builds decision making skills

Flyer: "Fentanyl Abuse"

Due to the prevalence of fentanyl use and abuse across the country, the top flyer that Lorena recommends to agencies is titled “Fentanyl Abuse.”

According the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, fentanyl is involved in more than half of drug overdose deaths today. With both pharmaceutical and illegally manufactured fentanyl available, fentanyl abuse is increasing every day.

This flyer not only highlights important facts and figures on the issue but also provides life-saving information on what to do in case of an overdose.

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