Expert Picks: Ron’s Recommendations for Strengthening Your 2023 Community Engagement Program

April 24, 2023

Meet Ron. Ron Lukasik is one of the Directors of Public Relations at LAW Publications. Having served 28 years in law enforcement, 10 of those as the former Chief of Police for the Village of Fox River Grove in Illinois, Ron has firsthand experience engaging with the community as a law enforcement officer. He knows what topics are likely to affect communities and where law enforcement can be most effective in addressing these issues. 

His recommendations for enhancing community engagement in the coming months include:

*Newly Updated

Coloring Book: Let’s Play It Safe

“Let’s Play It Safe” is a coloring book that teaches children about 911, gun safety, seat belt safety, gateway drugs, and the difference between drugs and medicine. Recommended for children ages 4-12, this book is a favorite of Ron’s. As children get older, they desire increased independence; however, parents want to be sure that their children are safe as they start doing more tasks on their own. This universal need is why Ron suggests “Let’s Play It Safe” for all communities–regardless of their makeup. While this coloring book is a versatile tool that can be used in many settings, Ron proposes it as a great tool to open up important conversations between parents and their children.

Publication: Let’s All Work to Fight Drug Abuse

Recommended for ages 12 and up, “Let’s All Work to Fight Drug Abuse” is one of our most popular titles. Updated annually, this publication educates adults, teens and tweens on alcohol and other substance abuse. As the book covers a large variety of substance abuse topics, Ron finds that it provides value and relevant material to any community. The book is designed to help readers recognize the signs of substance abuse and identify the most commonly used substances–a skill that can be applied regardless of age.  

Flyer: Distracted Driving

Despite most states having laws banning texting while driving, it is still a prevalent issue across the country. Distracted drivers are nearly four times more likely to have an accident, while drivers who are texting are almost 20 times more likely. Therefore, Ron recognizes this as an important topic to tackle in all communities. This flyer covers everything from the different types of distracted driving to the consequences of distracted driving. 

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