How Can I Distribute My Books When School is Out?

February 20, 2023

Providing journals, flyers, and coloring books in schools and at school events are some of the top ways that our departments utilize their LAW Publications materials.

But, when departments find themselves with materials and school is out, it can be easy to get stuck on finding other avenues for distributing these books.

Here are some easy ways to get your books into the community when schools are not an option:

Community Events, Fairs, & Festivals

Summer and other times of year when schools are closed are often filled with community events and fairs. Many departments have a booth or presence at these events, and these are great opportunities for distributing LAW materials. 

Coloring books and flyers are particularly popular in these environments, especially when complemented by our stickers and color sets.

These events sometimes include topical themes, which could also lend themselves to various journals in our collection. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Just about every community has nonprofit organizations that work to improve various aspects of life in their communities. 

For example, Meals on Wheels operates in virtually every community in America to address senior hunger and isolation. 

Food Banks are another way for officers to address the needs of their citizens. The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks and food programs helps millions of people find food and grocery help in their communities every year.

Our various titles on elder abuse, frauds and scams, and “When Disaster Strikes” are good choices for these types of programs.

Get to know the needs of the nonprofits serving your area, and you will likely find groups that can use some of the same resources.

Religious Organizations

Many churches and religious-affiliated organizations concentrate on serving their communities as well.

Within churches, there are typically various ministries and events that focus on different topics that are addressed in our products.

Ministries around abuse, domestic violence, and drug abuse are common. Get to know these organizations, and do not hesitate to provide our materials to supplement their teachings.

Sponsors and Local Businesses

We are able to provide materials to departments free of charge thanks to the support of local businesses. 

These businesses have already shown that they are invested in your department’s work, so they may also be willing to provide a distribution point for relevant materials. 

At the very least, they often appreciate having a copy of the book their ad is in, so providing a few copies may be a way to incentivize them to help get the books into the community.

This type of direct interaction with the financial support they are providing strengthens their connection to the work your department is doing, making them more likely to continue to support your future efforts.

For more ways to distribute your materials, check out our “Ways to Distribute LAW Publications Products” or our blog post “8 Easy Ways Your Officers Can Engage Your Community”.
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