LAW Publications Announces Inaugural Community Engagement Award Winners

December 7, 2021




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LAW Publications Announces Inaugural Community Engagement Award Winners

Carrollton, TX -- LAW Publications is introducing the first winners of its new Community Engagement Awards. The awards recognize the creative efforts of law enforcement agencies across the country in connecting with their communities to make them safer places.

The initial set of winners include:

  • Department of the Year - Mooresville Police Department (Mooresville,NC)
  • Community Event of the Year -- 2021 Law Enforcement Expo, hosted by Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office (Barnwell, SC)
  • Community Sponsors of the Year - Hornby Media Group (Martinsburg, WV) and Farmers Telephone Cooperative “FTC” (Sumter, SC)

The “Department of the Year” category recognizes a department that does an overall excellent job of connecting with its community. These departments will utilize opportunities such as community events, public appearances, and other tools to find unique and effective ways to connect their work to the needs of their community.

Mooresville Police Department, located in Mooresville, North Carolina, is recognized as the inaugural “Department of the Year”. Consisting of 120 officers and support staff, the department has built an exceptional relationship with the community through over 600 crime prevention and community outreach activities each year. The depth and breadth of programming offered by the department exemplifies both the educational component of crime prevention and an extensive list of community outreach events fitting of a “Department of the Year” award winner.  

“The Mooresville Police Department is both humbled and honored to be presented with the Department of the Year Award from LAW Publications for their involvement in community outreach, engagement and programming,” said Dave Harding, Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Officer of the Mooresville Police Department. “It is a testament to the men and women of our great department who work tirelessly day and night to serve our wonderful community and build positive relationships between our department and the community that we serve.  We will continue to provide exceptional police and community services to our community and the citizens whom we proudly serve and protect.”

The “Community Event of the Year” category recognizes an event that uniquely allows officers to interact with and educate their community.

The “2021 Law Enforcement Expo” hosted by the Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office on July 17, 2021, in Barnwell, South Carolina, is recognized as the 2021 “Community Event of the Year”. Created to help increase public trust between law enforcement and the community, the first-year event showcased at least 30 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, nineteen civic, religious, social, and business groups, and five local colleges and universities. Providing a place where the general public was able to interact with a variety of law enforcement agencies all in one place, this first year was a successful start in the process of improving the relationship between these departments and their community.

“Our agency has placed community restoration at the top of its lists by implementing programs that enhance and foster positive relations,” said Sheriff Steve “Grits” Griffith of Barnwell County. “The Law Enforcement Expo gives officers, agencies, organizations, and citizens a chance to unite thus removing the barriers that have created problematic issues for all involved. This program was created and successfully managed to showcase to the public that law enforcement officers really genuinely care about the communities that they serve.”

Sheriff Griffith added, “This is more than just an award for our agency, it is an example of what we can accomplish if we all work together. I am very grateful for all the hard work put into this event by 1st Sgt. Kirkland, who brought this idea to me several years ago, and we were able to follow it up through completion. This office will continue to use our Community Relations Unit and skills to build better relations with the citizens of Barnwell County. This is only the first of many expos to come.”

Connecting with communities requires local support, and the Community Sponsor of the Year category recognizes local businesses that have made significant investments in their local departments’ community engagement efforts.

Hornby Media Group, located in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and Farmers Telephone Cooperative “FTC”, from Sumter, South Carolina, are recognized as the first winners in the Community Sponsor of the Year category. Both companies have provided crucial support for local law enforcement initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to helping keep their communities safe.

Nominations for the awards were digitally submitted to LAW Publications and selected by a “selection committee” of staff members. Additional category winners will be announced throughout the month of December. Visit or our Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to follow future announcements and learn more about the awards.

About LAW Publications: LAW Publications has been dedicated to supporting law enforcement community engagement and education efforts for over forty years. Partnering with over 500 agencies and almost 10,000 local businesses across the country, we provide industry leading educational materials to help build safer communities. Visit to learn more.   

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