LAW Publications Announces Partnership with PIO Toolkit

April 12, 2022

PIO Toolkit ( and LAW Publications ( announce partnership to provide enhanced online resources for public sector communicators.  

PIO Toolkit and LAW Publications proudly announce a partnership to provide enhanced online resources for public sector communicators and law enforcement professionals.

The partnership will create a portfolio of tools for professional communicators and law enforcement officers, servicing multiple areas within law enforcement departments. The partnership combines the valuable training, practical tools, and networking across North America that PIO Toolkit is known for with the industry leading community education materials from LAW Publications. 

Christine Townsend, Founder and President of PIO Toolkit, started the resource in 2019, which has grown to provide online learning, jobs, resources, products and tools for public information officers and those who work in communications for the public sector. With a background in media management for law enforcement in the UK, Townsend wanted to share valuable insights from her time managing high profile media events. 

“The partnership between PIO Toolkit and LAW Publications is incredibly exciting as it means we will be able to provide excellent support to those who work in this incredibly challenging area of communication,” Townsend said. “Together, we will achieve so much, and I’m excited to work with LAW to make it happen.” 

LAW Publications has been providing educational materials for first responders for over forty five years and complements the services provided by PIO Toolkit perfectly, allowing organizations to share no-cost educational materials to citizens. 

“The resources provided by PIO Toolkit are a perfect fit with our work in providing high quality resources to support the needs of law enforcement professionals,” LAW Publications’ Vice President Gregg Febbraio said. “At LAW Publications, we provide ways to help the entire department, and PIO Toolkit will help in that mission. We are thrilled to work together with PIO Toolkit in making communities safer.” 

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