LAW Publications Sponsors CopLine® Resources for Law Enforcement Agencies

February 2, 2023

Carrollton, TX -- LAW Publications’ is proud to join CopLine® as a sponsor, supporting the organization’s goal to spread the word that help and support for law enforcement officers is only a phone call away.

CopLine® is the first international law enforcement officers’ hotline that is answered by vetted, trained, retired law enforcement officers. Retired law enforcement officers are trained in active listening and bring the knowledge and understanding of the many psychological stressors that officers go through both on and off the job. Active/retired officers and/or their families can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be assured that there is a trained retired officer on the other end of the line whether the caller is calling while on duty or not. CopLine is there for anything from  a bad day to a full blown mental health crisis. 

The line is strictly confidential, the caller can remain anonymous, and there is no fear of punitive repercussions from initiating the call. CopLine takes no state of federal money to insure the integrity of the lines. 

“Cops understand cops. We’ve been exposed to similar situations in our careers. Whether you’re active duty or retired and feel like no one understands what you’re going through, we want to answer your call.”

LAW Publications will be working to raise awareness of CopLine® within departments by distributing printed materials directly to the 800+ agencies that work with LAW Publications each year. Officers will also see CopLine® included in LAW Publications’ digital spaces.

“The opportunity to support CopLine® is a no-brainer,” said AJ Dominique, LAW Publications’ Director of Marketing. “LAW has been providing the materials for agencies to support their communities since 1974, so when we found an organization that is serious about providing support for the departments we work with, we jumped at the opportunity.”

Agencies and supporters are encouraged to visit to learn more about the work CopLine® is doing and ways to support the organization.

Most importantly, officers are encouraged to call 1-800-COPLINE if they need someone to talk to.

About LAW Publications: LAW Publications has been dedicated to supporting law enforcement community engagement and education efforts for over forty years. Partnering with agencies and local businesses across the country, we provide industry leading educational materials to help build safer communities. Visit to learn more.



972-387-4733 x111


About COPLINE®: COPLINE®  has earned the trust of the law enforcement community by providing active listening through a hotline and maintaining complete confidentiality as well as anonymity if the caller chooses. We train competent, confident, committed, and compassionate retired officers to engage with callers on the daily stressors officers and their family members experience. 


Stephanie Samuels

501 Iron Bridge Road #6

Freehold, NJ 07728

Non-CopLine® Calls: 1-732-577-8300 Ext. 8

Hotline Calls: 1-800-COPLINE

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