What's Trending in Community Engagement Strategies for October 2022

October 19, 2022

What's Trending in Community Engagement Strategies for October 2022

October is a busy month for law enforcement, including a number of awareness events, National Night Out in Texas and other southern areas, National Coffee with a Copy Day, and, of course, Halloween.

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Each month, we take a look at the top topics our law enforcement partners are requesting across the country to get an idea of what are the trending community engagement topics in the field right now.

This month’s list reflects Red Ribbon Week’s place at the end of the month, with many of the drug prevention titles we offer in different formats and for different age groups making up this month’s list.

Here are the top 5 topics departments have requested so far in October:

Let’s All Work To Fight Drug Abuse

Consistently one of our most requested titles, the newly updated journal focused on educating adults, teens, and tweens on alcohol and other substance abuse was our most requested title again this month. Red Ribbon Week at the end of October is a key reason for departments requesting drug abuse-related materials.

Let’s Play it Safe

An educational coloring book that teaches children about 911, gun safety, seat belt safety, gateway drugs and the difference between drugs and medicine. This is a great resource for departments working with elementary-aged kids in schools and also makes a wonderful giveaway at community events.

Apps Parents Should Know

The rapidly evolving nature of social media makes it difficult for parents to keep up. This flyer names specific apps but also educates about what features to look out for as new apps are developed and become more popular.

Fentanyl Abuse

We’ve all seen in the news the crisis our nation is facing with fentanyl abuse. This flyer provides valuable background information on what fentanyl is and how it was developed, along with potentially life-saving information about how to recognize symptoms and what you can do in the case of a potential overdose.


Vaping has become a widespread habit among middle and high school students. Some believe vaping to be a harmless alternative to smoking, but a considerable body of evidence suggests otherwise.

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