Our Story

Started in 1974 in Dallas, TX, we have aimed to be at the forefront of promoting community safety by providing law enforcement agencies with crucial publications on drug and alcohol safety. We have become a trusted partner for over 1,000 agencies nationwide (with over 50 million books distributed).

We take pride in contributing to the success of our partner's community engagement programs, and recognize the vital role law enforcement plays in building safer communities. We're excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2024 while we continue to evolve and work hand in hand to shape a safer and more informed society.

Here's what we believe in

Building Trust: We place a strong emphasis on fostering trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve, viewing it as a cornerstone for effective community policing.

Education for Safety: By providing essential resources, we empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to contribute to community safety and resilience.

Supporting Law Enforcement: We are dedicated to actively supporting law enforcement agencies by recognizing and advocating for their crucial role in ensuring public safety.

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We are looking for passionate individuals looking to make a difference in communities across the country!

Field Sales Representative

Whether you're a seasoned sales representative or looking for a career change, our outside field sales position offers a great opportunity to help communities nationwide.