The best product out there, and the only company that works with us to provide this info to our community. Without them we would be unable to provide community information and presentations at this level.
Lt. Keith Campbell

Vernal Police Department

Dave Miller

Carlisle Police Department

"The products have provided our officers with another tool for community engagement but at more of the micro level. When officers are assisting citizens with individual struggles, we now have more individualized resources to hand out. It leaves the officers feeling like they were able to assist just a little more and leave something behind that may continue to assist the person."

Judith Goins

McKinley County Sheriff's Office

"As with most law enforcement facilities around the country, lack of funding is always an issue. Because of LAW Publications, our office was able to obtain much-needed educational material that we will share with the community geared toward specific topics that we have had a hard time finding from other vendors. Everything they have sent us has been useful."

Brian Lee

The Colony Police Department

"[LAW Publications'] customer service is top notch - not common these days. I was impressed...the speed and no cost of products was much appreciated. [Their] items helped our National Night Out be a success."

Jonathan Flores

City of Alton Police Department

"[LAW Publications] is a company that cares about education and strong partnerships between law enforcement and community."

Major Jeremy Hewitt

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office

"We use Law Publications products at all of our events now. The materials are great and provide much needed information to the communities we serve. We are proud to be a partner with the company."

Chief Todd Hiner

Ector County ISD Police Department

"I've been responsible for community outreach for the past four years, and I've never had one issue [with LAW Publications]. It's been very good. Can't say that about the other endeavors we've had [where] the quality is not quite what you want. I have nothing but positive things to say about LAW Publications."

Captain Dave Caslin

Knox County Sheriff's Office

"The educational material we got from them that we distribute—to try to put together that information and be accurate and educational and enlightening, it would be very difficult for us. It would be a full-time job for us to look up this stuff, put it together, put it in a format that can be used. I go through it myself, and very rarely do I not learn something from it."

Rebecca Snow

Baker County Sheriff's Office

"We are a small county with limited resources; therefore, being able to present children with an informational coloring book or bracelet during school open houses or a visit with the Sheriff is wonderful. Not only are they walking away with a small token, but they also receive a lesson in child safety, bicycle safety, bullying, drug abuse, etc. [LAW's] topics covers everything."

Sally Pisano

Pinal County Sheriff's Office

"LAW Publications makes every piece of literature easy to understand while hitting home the topic of the material. They offer current topics that are relatable to today's need in policing. Clean design and well thought out booklets and flyers are attractive to all ages at community events."

Pennie Jackson

Fort Bend County Precinct 2 Constable

"It has been greatly used in all aspects of our department. It become a staple with us so, that the community is always looking to see what new information we have for them when they see us. We love it!"

Erik Kirkland

Barnwell County Sheriff's Department

"For the last two years I have been using [LAW's] products at all of our events. They are great for engagement tools, prevention, awareness, education, and outreach...I feel more equipped to educate the community that I serve. Hats off to a great company with great products and great people."

Catherine Barrios

Yucaipa Police Department

"Invaluable resource in getting out the information most relevant to our community."

Tracy Wolfington

City of Helotes

"[LAWP] provides good information about different subjects, a very positive attitude and they really care about our needs. They call and check in to see how we are doing and if you sign up for the online account, you have access to all kinds of digital things that you can use on your social media accounts. I highly recommend looking into [LAWP]."

Nina Phelps

Roseville Police Department

"Law Pub works with LE and their respective communities by facilitating collaboration with the business community to create well-crafted and timely education materials for the community."

April Devotie

Cocke County Sheriff's Office

"[LAW Publications] is a part of our team/family. They listen, care and assist in providing invaluable information to our communities."

Vincent Passarella

Camden County Sheriff's Office

"In my division, I have used several material in regard to some training topics that have helped me with a lesson plan, PowerPoints or both. [LAW Publications] is a reasonable, respectful, professional organization that cares about the communities that they serve."

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