Boost your brand and engagement with a library of pre-made content.

LAW Digital is the complete package for building your agency's presence online. As a LAW Publications partner, you gain FREE access to a library of educational posts that allow you to have content ready for any situation.

Hundreds of pre-made images

The library covers broad topics such as weather alerts and community safety as well as specialized topics such as fraud prevention, active shooter situations, and drug awareness.

Optimized for your social platforms

LAW Digital posts are developed appropriately to have high resolution and low file size, making them easy to post on Instagram, Facebook, or X.

Modern & professional images

Our professional design team is constantly updating the library and creating high-quality images for you to post. Want something that isn't available? Suggest a topic, and we'll create a post for you to use.

No commercial branding

There is no LAW Digital branding on any of the assets, allowing your department's brand to shine.

Why is social media important?

Expand Your Reach

People today spend an average of 2.34 hours on social media every day, making it an important vehicle to reach your community.

Real-Time Communication

Social media provides a real-time, direct channel to your community, which is one of the reasons 91% of departments use social media for notifying their community of public safety concerns.


Being active and creative with your online engagement can increase your presence with your local community and help humanize your officers.

Download our free "Getting Started" Guide

With so many different ways to utilize social media, we've broken it down with easy tips and tricks to get you started.

It includes:

Why social media is important for your agency.
Practical strategies to implement today to increase engagement.
Example of how successful departments utilize their platforms.
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Social Media Strategy

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