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3 Next Steps after National Night Out

National Night Out events represent one of the most utilized and well-known ways that departments connect with their communities. There are a variety of ways that departments utilize this opportunity to connect with local businesses, other first responder agencies, and even nearby law enforcement departments to execute a fun event that connects well with their community. But, once the event is held, and everyone has had a great experience…what comes next?

National Night Out 2022: Connecting with Your Community

Whether National Night Out 2022 will be the first for your town or you’ve had many successful years of NNO events, there is always something to be learned from what other law enforcement agencies have done. Partnering with local organizations and businesses is a great place to start when organizing a National Night Out event. After all, the goal of NNO is to encourage community participation and improve or build community relationships with law enforcement. Both Conroe and Grafton PDs exemplify what a successful NNO event can look like, no matter how long the history of the event is in the community.
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Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera: Blazing a Trail for Women in Law Enforcement

Trailblazers are rare by definition. Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera is a true trailblazer in law enforcement. She began her time as sheriff in 2017, becoming the first female sheriff in the state of Utah. At the time, she was also the only female Latina sheriff in the nation.

Pinellas Park Police Department: Community Redevelopment and Policing

Since establishing the Community Redevelopment Policing Unit in 2010, the Community Redevelopment District has been flourishing. Between 2015-2016, 76 new businesses opened in the CRD. In that same span, the CRPU made 12,785 contacts with residents and businesses. Undoubtedly, their presence in the area has had a positive impact on the progress of the CRD. Additionally, the work of the CRPU helped earn Pinellas Park Police Department “Honorable Mention” in LAW Publications’ 2021 Community Engagement Awards. The future is bright for Pinellas Park and the Community Redevelopment District.
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Honor Behind the Badge

Jessica’s passion is dealing with people. Communicating, and assisting others is what drives and motivates her. She definitely has the personality and compassionate soul needed to create change, awareness, and a different view. I am so blessed to have met and spoken with such a strong, intelligent, and highly successful woman. I have no doubt Sergeant Jessica Howard will be impacting and inspiring many in her future, as she has already done in her past…
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Mooresville Police Department: Investing Time and Commitment

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Harding, who is the Crime Prevention and Outreach Officer at the Mooresville Police Department. This special team of officers were recognized as the winners of LAW Publications’ inaugural “Department of the Year” award in 2021, and Dave Harding laid out the many amazing services this department provides.

Holiday Events for Community Engagement

Hosting community events has become an integral part of community engagement strategy for law enforcement agencies across the country. Community events are a straightforward way to get community members to come together and interact with officers in a different setting. While creating a calendar of events may seem daunting, one easy way to get started is to focus on events around the holidays. Holiday events have a predetermined theme, which provides a stepping-stone for event planning. Below are two examples of holiday events from LAW Publications’ partners.

Mount Vernon Police Department – PAK United Program

Over the past two years, the Mount Vernon Police Department in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, has been working to become a model for community engagement. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they became the first recipients of LAW Publications’ “Community Impact Award” in 2021. They received this award as recognition for their achievement in creating a lasting positive impact on their community through the creation of their PAK (Police and Kids) United program.
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Officer Alison and Phoenix: Adventures of a K9 Unit

I have written about such outstanding men, and, in my opinion, actual heroes. But this next blog is special to me because, for the first time, I get to write about a “She-ro.” K9 Officer Alison Pollini is a woman who is by far an exceptional officer and a woman of many talents. However, she’s extra special because of her partner Phoenix. A partner who has four legs, and accepts scratches and treats as forms of payment. These two conquer the streets together, and protect and serve as a team. Let’s dive in and get to know them!

Parsons Police Department: Internal Changes for External Results

How Parsons Police Department overhauled their internal systems for maximum community impact.
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Barnwell County Sheriff's Office: Leading with Heart

Barnwell County Sheriff's Office was recognized with the inaugural "Community Event of the Year" award as part of the inaugural LAW Publications Community Engagement Award. There are many reasons why they earned this prestigious award, and I was so excited to sit down with 1st Sergeant Eric Kirkland to learn more about him, his community, and the passion behind the badge.
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How This Sheriff's Devotion And Leadership Drives His Community Forward

I want to pick your brain at the beginning of this next story. I know we all have heard of a chameleon, the extraordinary lizard capable of changing its color to fit whatever environment it’s in. I know it's a random introduction, but it reminded me of the next person that I had the pleasure of speaking with. Sheriff Darren Campbell is so versatile and well-rounded that it left me stunned. Like a chameleon, he is able to blend and fit in pretty much anywhere, and everywhere.
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Meet the Man that Proves Family Ties are Unbreakable and the Bonds Behind the Badge are the Key to Success

The first day I met Chief Chandler of the Murphy Police Department I was interviewing someone else and was introduced to him. I reached out my hand and immediately gave him respect and honored his title by saying “It is very nice to meet you Chief, congratulations on your new position!” His response was humble, saying “Oh, call me Chris! And it is very nice to meet you as well.”
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From Coast Guard to Cop, How This Officer is Committed to Serving His Community

Officer Lee, from Abilene, Texas, has always had a passion to help people. He decided at a young age that he knew he wanted to do something in law enforcement. Well, as we all know, life has a way of paving the way if it’s meant to be, and while watching TV a Coast Guard commercial came on. He made the decision to join, and from that moment on there was no turning back. 

6 Things to Know for Cyber Safety While Holiday Shopping

Use these 6 scams to know and tips to protect yourself while shopping this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all holiday season!
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School Resource Officers: Protecting and Investing in Kids

Officer Justin Heard's journey from the football field to impacting the future of our kids in his role as a School Resource Officer with the Lewisville Police Department. Join us to follow him as we take a behind-the-scenes look at an officer dedicated to protecting our children during their school days and the many roles that requires.

8 Easy Ways Your Officers Can Engage Your Community

An easy way for officers to engage the community is by educating residents on issues that are affecting their families and neighborhoods. LAW Publications can partner with your agency to help make these no-cost and easily planned activities a way to connect with residents in a positive way while providing critical information at the same time.
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How This Sergeant Brings Positivity to Police Work

We are conditioned to seek out the drama and difficulty in police stories. Sergeant Chester Ward from the Pender County Sheriff's Department provides a breath of fresh air by bringing the power of positivity to his 23 years of law enforcement service.

How to Navigate the Federal Grant Landscape

For law enforcement officers, the process of applying for grants can be incredibly stressful. Similar to a student applying for a scholarship or grant, there is an abundance of places to look and the process can be daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the largest federal grant programs as well as resource centers and databases.
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Meet the Man Behind Three Life Saving Medals and 26 Years of Dedicated Service

Join me and meet Chief Deputy Wess Tyler from Denton County Constable Precinct 1, the recipient of 3 life saving medals, to probe deeper into his inspiration and motivation as a police officer.

Organizations Supporting Officers in Need

Becoming an officer for a law enforcement agency has always come with its fair share of challenges, yet brave men and women dedicate their lives to serving others despite the stress, danger, and sometimes even public criticism that comes with the territory these days. Read about some great organizations that support these officers.
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Blue Threads & Sergeant Franklin Page

Join us as we shine a light on the stories, triumphs, and people of law enforcement in our new "Blue Threads" series. Read about Sergeant Franklin Page's work for R.A.D. Systems, community events, and how he uses his work at the Allen Police Department to strengthen the community of Allen, TX.

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