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Meet the Man that Proves Family Ties are Unbreakable and the Bonds Behind the Badge are the Key to Success

The first day I met Chief Chandler of the Murphy Police Department I was interviewing someone else and was introduced to him. I reached out my hand and immediately gave him respect and honored his title by saying “It is very nice to meet you Chief, congratulations on your new position!” His response was humble, saying “Oh, call me Chris! And it is very nice to meet you as well.”
Blue Threads

From Coast Guard to Cop, How This Officer is Committed to Serving His Community

Officer Lee, from Abilene, Texas, has always had a passion to help people. He decided at a young age that he knew he wanted to do something in law enforcement. Well, as we all know, life has a way of paving the way if it’s meant to be, and while watching TV a Coast Guard commercial came on. He made the decision to join, and from that moment on there was no turning back. 

6 Things to Know for Cyber Safety While Holiday Shopping

Use these 6 scams to know and tips to protect yourself while shopping this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all holiday season!
Blue Threads

School Resource Officers: Protecting and Investing in Kids

Officer Justin Heard's journey from the football field to impacting the future of our kids in his role as a School Resource Officer with the Lewisville Police Department. Join us to follow him as we take a behind-the-scenes look at an officer dedicated to protecting our children during their school days and the many roles that requires.

8 Easy Ways Your Officers Can Engage Your Community

An easy way for officers to engage the community is by educating residents on issues that are affecting their families and neighborhoods. LAW Publications can partner with your agency to help make these no-cost and easily planned activities a way to connect with residents in a positive way while providing critical information at the same time.
Blue Threads

How This Sergeant Brings Positivity to Police Work

We are conditioned to seek out the drama and difficulty in police stories. Sergeant Chester Ward from the Pender County Sheriff's Department provides a breath of fresh air by bringing the power of positivity to his 23 years of law enforcement service.

How to Navigate the Federal Grant Landscape

For law enforcement officers, the process of applying for grants can be incredibly stressful. Similar to a student applying for a scholarship or grant, there is an abundance of places to look and the process can be daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the largest federal grant programs as well as resource centers and databases.
Blue Threads

Meet the Man Behind Three Life Saving Medals and 26 Years of Dedicated Service

Join me and meet Chief Deputy Wess Tyler from Denton County Constable Precinct 1, the recipient of 3 life saving medals, to probe deeper into his inspiration and motivation as a police officer.

Organizations Supporting Officers in Need

Becoming an officer for a law enforcement agency has always come with its fair share of challenges, yet brave men and women dedicate their lives to serving others despite the stress, danger, and sometimes even public criticism that comes with the territory these days. Read about some great organizations that support these officers.
Blue Threads

Blue Threads & Sergeant Franklin Page

Join us as we shine a light on the stories, triumphs, and people of law enforcement in our new "Blue Threads" series. Read about Sergeant Franklin Page's work for R.A.D. Systems, community events, and how he uses his work at the Allen Police Department to strengthen the community of Allen, TX.

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