LAW Publications is dedicated to helping you strengthen that relationship.


  • One of the most significant, actionable ways to build and maintain your community’s trust is through education and outreach.

  • Education empowers learners.

  • Targeted outreach engages citizens on the issues that matter to them.

  • Engaging with the community in an outreach setting facilitates productive dialogue.


  • We understand that maintaining your reputation is mission-critical. We’ve partnered with over 17,000 communities in 48 states to meet their operational/mission goals, so we understand the challenges in finding, vetting, and sourcing this material.

  • Our exacting standards ensure our content represents all best practices.

  • We pride ourselves on quality research, writing, and design that engages readers and makes an impression.

  • Our ability to deliver the best content for you is made possible by local supporters in the small business community.

  • We engage local business leaders, enabling their support of a product and a mission they can be proud to put their names on.

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You determine LAW Publications is the right partner for your department


You sign a partnership letter


You select the publications that fit your current operational goals


A LAW Publications sponsorship representative takes your signed letter of partnership to local businesses to secure sponsoring ads


The selected publications are shipped to your department, completely free of charge

Partner Testimonials

"As with most law enforcement facilities around the country, lack of funding is always an issue. Because of LAW Publications, our office was able to obtain much-needed educational material that we will share with the community. The material [is] geared towards specific topics that we have had a hard time finding from other vendors. Everything they have sent us has been useful. [Our representative] Lorena is awesome–she calls often to keep us updated on any new products and what works best for us. Everything they send us, we use."

Judith Goins
Mckinley County Sheriff's Office
New Mexico

"They have been a tool for us to provide the training and education to both parents and kids (and grandparents). The educational material we got from them that we distribute—to try to put together that information and be accurate and educational and enlightening, it would be very difficult for us. It would be a full-time job for us to look up this stuff, put it together, put it in a format that can be used. [The material] is very useful. I go through it myself, and very rarely do I not learn something from it."

Captain Dave Caslin
Knox County Sheriff's Office
Galesburg, Illinois


"I've been responsible for community outreach for the past four years, and I've never had one issue [with LAW Publications]. It's been very good. Can't say that about the other endeavors we've had [where] the quality is not quite what you want. I have nothing but positive things to say about LAW Publications."

Chief Todd Hiner
Ector County ISD Police Department Odessa, Texas