December 20, 2023

Over the years, the start of November has come to signify the start of the holiday season for many. However, November holds far more than just Thanksgiving and eager holiday fans decorating for Christmas. There are several important dates to note throughout this month, all of which provide ample opportunity for your department to provide educational information to your community members across your social media platforms. 

Familiarize yourself with content opportunities this November, including:

Daylight Saving Time (November 6)

Reminders as simple as setting your clock back an hour for daylight saving time reinforces a department’s role as a primary source for helpful information.

Find graphics to use to remind your followers and community members about the upcoming daylight saving jump.

Veterans Day (November 11)

There are over 16.5 million military veterans in the United States. Showing your department’s support for those who have served in the military is important on Veterans Day. Your community likely has a multitude of members, both old and young, who have bravely chosen to serve. Ensure that they feel recognized and appreciated by posting on your social media accounts on Veterans Day.

International Fraud Awareness Week (November 13-19)

The term “fraud” covers a wide range of deceitful activities; however, the common denominator is inappropriate or unlawful use of another person’s personally identifiable information (PII). International Fraud Awareness Week serves as a great opportunity to educate your community members about the different types of fraud and ways to prevent them. Consider sharing one helpful tip or piece of information each day of the week to create a more engaging campaign.

Explore a host of informative graphics on the various types of fraud on our platform, LAW Digital.

Black Friday (November 25), Cyber Monday (November 28), Computer Security Day (November 30)

The aforementioned holidays center around online activity, particularly shopping. As holiday shopping begins to ramp up, advise your followers and community members on ways they can protect their personal information while online shopping as well as warning signs that their PII might have been stolen. The last thing that anybody wants to deal with around the holidays is a stolen credit card or identity.


Throughout the holiday season, LAW Digital can serve as a platform to find valuable graphics for not only holiday greetings and wishes but also important reminders and safety tips.